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Solar Changeover Automation Panel

Solar Changeover Panel -



We designed a simple solar plc logic program to primarily control and automate the priority monitoring of solar battery voltages and solar control measures for  switching/cycling of solar mains and batteries to the second system providing low battery conditions were exhibited for a prolonged period of time.


An analog trigger output from the dedicated solar battery voltage switches is used to initiate the load cycling which can step forwards/backwards in a priority sequence based on time periods or loads demands from feedbacks in the field using the priority logic based on feedback from the loads (via the voltage switches).

Solar Automation

PROJECT: The Barrier Islands - NZ
Off Grid Solar Automation

Solar Energy Diversion / Dumping


We were asked to design, build and program a simple PLC controller  panel to switch solar generation loads between two 5KW off grid solar systems. If one solar systems batteries are low (12VDC system) then the solar mains changeover contactors would isolate this system and switch to the second system (48VDC system) or vice versa. In addition automatic generator charging of the low solar battery system was required to ensure minimum charging time to reinstate the solar system. If both solar systems were low then automatic generator charging of the solar battery systems along with mains generator power were required to both systems.

Solar Automation PLC Controller

Solar PLC Controller for remote  gates and lights automation. 

Solar Automation PLC Controller Panels


Schneider Modicon PLC Controller

Schneider Zelio SR3B261BD PLC modules with Schneider SR3MBU01BD RTU Modbus Communication

Schneider HMISTU-855 HMI Harmony Panel

IFM Pressure Voltage Switches for the  automation of the solar change over triggering.


   From left to right - solar convection roof controller panel, 

pump panel and solar gate and lighting automation panel.

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