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Schneider Zelio  PLC Controller Programming 

Ladder logic programming options available  for basic Schneider Zelio programming applications. 


Advanced Function Block programming options available to network your  Schneider Zelio smart relay  PLC platforms via Modbus RTU Serial or Modbus TCP/IP ethernet to HMI panels and other external equipment and PLC's.


We are happy to discuss your project with you to see if its something we can help you with.

Zelio Smart Relay PLC Controller

HMI screen recording from my IPhone

We use Schneider Zelio SR3B101BD and the Schneider Zelio SR3B261BD for our small PLC automation and control projects requiring  a Modbus networking application.

The above image shows one of our  Schneider Zelio SR3B101BD Smart Relay PLC programmable logic controllers with a dedicated Schneider  Zelio  24VDC 1.2A PSU power supply and SR3XT43BD  five I/O analog add-on card.

This is the smallest PLC controller we use. It can be expanded to accommodate a network card and one additional I/O card should the need arise in the future to add additional inputs and outputs.

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