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Machine Automation

Custom programmed HMI Panel Master Control Panel Screen

Our custom programmed HMI control panel main user screen for control, trending of machine operational characteristics ,and input/output feedback monitoring for diagnostics.


Always one for a challenge, side by side with our trusted Rotorua based mechanical/hydraulic  contractors, we painfully worked through the schematic drawings, the field wiring and the plc logic. By a process of elimination, using a methodical and logical mindset, we forced or bypassed  plc inputs, limit switches,  sensors and hydraulic valves, and installed additional cabling to work out exactly how the machine should operate best for the client. For  timeframe reasons, the client decided that  replacing the Master PLC out, with a custom programmed new PLC was not a viable option short term (but likely a future option for upgrades) so we  opted instead to take the primary PLC outputs and feed them into  Slave PLC controllers with some simple custom end programming  to make the necessary minor end changes required to give the desired control, monitoring and feedback via a custom programmed HMI screen.

The customer was extremally grateful for our willingness to assist, and our persistence and  prioritization of their project so that we  met the deadline and budget.


Macaulay Metals service supplier


We were asked to electrically install, commission and test a 600 ton hydraulic compression shear/baler that had been purchased as a refurbished machine from Austria, and shipped to Macaulay Metals, in Rotorua, New Zealand. Unfortunately, the supporting documentation was in German, and the machine coding and electrical drawings were in  Italian. In addition the wiring modifications made overseas were unfinished and incorrect, the hydraulic and wiring schematic drawings supplied were for a different machine (similar but by no means identical) and the PLC programming contained multiple bugs. A major headache for the client...but not for us.

Taurus baler and shear PLC controller DB

Existing Schneider Modicon M340 PLC control mounted in distribution panel with retrofitted  Schneider Zelio SR3 PLC automation upgrade.

HMISTU-655 Home Screen

HMI Design and Build


We have the ability to easily implement  for  networking the custom built HMI program to provide the potential for remote monitoring and even remote operation if required using the Schneider  HMISTU-655 HMI screen.

PLC Hydraulic Control


Schneider Modicon PLC Controller

Schneider Zelio SR3B261BD PLC modules with Schneider SR3MBU01BD RTU Modbus Communication

Schneider HMISTU-855 HMI Harmony Panel

IFM Pressure Transducer/Switches for the  automation of the machine hydraulic valves 

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