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We offer custom bespoke programming and generic programming options depending on your HMI control panel needs?  We use two different models of Schneider HMI's to interface with the Schneider Zelio or Schneider Modicon PLC platforms . We can program the panels to display and interact with plant room field devices and include service programming for additional control options from the HMI's touch screen for maintenance/diagnostics purposes.


We are happy to discuss your project with you to see if its something we can help you with.

HMI screen recording from my IPhone

HMI panel programming build.

We use Schneider Electrics own Vijeo Designer HMI software to design and layout most of our HMI screens.

Schneider Electrics HMISTU range of HMI panels along with the Vijeo Designer software are primarily aimed at small automation projects and machines so they are well suited for most of our projects.

HMI panel build.
HMI programming.

HMI's can also be programmed to automate independent of inputs from a human if certain conditions are met. In essence they are acting as a Master PLC or controller. This is extremely useful when trying to communicate between two controllers that cannot talk directly to each other (Slave Devices) such as the Schneider Zelio PLC.

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