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Remote Automation for HMI Screens

Do you want remote access using our Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens? Renegade Electrics - Automation + Control offers customers wired or RF wireless TCP/IP ethernet or Serial RTU for remote automation.


This allows you to easily duplicate all your HMI screens on your smartphone/tablet. Full interaction or monitoring options are possible for each HMI, so you can control who can view and interact with the screens.

Working Ranges of Up to 8 km Are Possible

We can also supply and install RF Modbus transceiver communications where serial/ethernet LAN is unavailable. Working ranges up to 8 km without a repeater are potentially possible (with a direct line of sight).


If you need a greater distance and good mobile signal coverage within the vicinity, talk to us about 4G mobile communication as an ideal option for you.

Demonstration of a Schneider HMISTU-655 HMI screen duplicated on an Iphone to allow remote operation of the the VSD and motor on the world wide web.

Demonstration of a Schneider HMISTU-655 HMI screen for my Renegade Fitness (gym) HMI panel - duplicated on the Webgate Network Server to allow remote operation, monitoring and/or for making modifications to the HMI software online before uploading the changes remotely to the HMI.

Online demonstration of the web browser for Vijeo Designer Webgate remote panel access.
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