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Control Panel Design + Build


We design, manufacture and assemble to order  small to medium automation and control panels complete with switchgear, HMI control and PLC programmable logic controller with programming to provide stand alone  automation and control of  your project or easy implementation into a larger project. Complete with schematics connection terminals and identification of all components, cables and wiring terminals.

We source most of our industry leading  Schneider Electric PLC programmable logic controllers and sensors directly from overseas suppliers, so we can competitively compete within the market. We have also invested in a good array of stock parts, controllers and sensors that we routinely use,  so we are able to provide a fast turnaround for most applications and service breakdowns.


In addition we have built long term relationships (over 10 years) with our local electrical suppliers, throughout New Zealand for the supply of everyday electrical switch gear, cabling and accessories.

Modicon and Zelio PLC Control Panels

A PLC pump control panel with VSD wireless modbus communication ready for bench testing prior to installation in the field.

Schneider Zelio Pump PLC programmable Logic Controller

Control panel for gate automation, rain tank monitoring,  water  pump control  and external carpark lighting control. 

Some of the PLC controller panels options  we have  done are:

Chair Lift Automation

Automatic Gate and Roller Door Automation

Sprinkler Control

Generator Automation

Load Shedding Control


Lighting Automation

Weigand Access Control

Solar Energy Diversion/Dumping

HVAC PLC Control Panel

HVAC load shedding control panels with dedicated  PLC controllers networked over Modbus TCP/IP

Some of the PLC controller motor panel options  we have  done are:

Pump Control

VSD Variable Speed Drive  Motor Control

Star/Delta Motor Control

Pool Pump Heating Control

Effluent Pump Control and level alarms

Lift Pump Control

Circulation Pump Control

Schneider Zelio PLC Smart Relay with HMI for effluent pump control

Control panel for basic  effluent pump and tank alarms,  water level control, mixer pump timing, and aerator pump timing. 

Some of the PLC controller integrations and upgrades  we have  done on existing machines and equipment are:

600 Ton Baler/Packaging Compression Shear

Linderman Aluminum Packaging/Baler  Machine

Cable Stripping Machines

Container Tilting Machines

Commercial Catering Equipment

Modicon M221 PLC Controller Panel
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