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The word "renegade"  originates from the Spanish word "renegado" and simply means "I deny". 

It is  a  way of thinking that encourages individuals to not be contained or restricted by the status quo, to take calculated risks, and  to think outside the box.


At its core, it is a  mindset that encourages creativity, innovation, and problem-solving, by taking ownership and thereby  taking control.

Thank you for visiting our website. We specialise in small scale  automation, control and monitoring projects including:

1) pump automation

2)pool and spa automation

3) machine and equipment automation

4)solar automation

5) smart home automation

6) prototypes builds

7) access control

8) control panels design and build

 and more.


We can offer our clients and customers a  choice  between  custom  bespoke  programming   and  generic programming  options  depending  on  their required  automation,  control and monitoring needs.   We design,  build and install complete  small scale PLC control systems  to integrate into your  existing projects, machinery or building infrastructure  so we work closely with your  own   contractors  on your project to provide automation, control and communication of your plant and  equipment.

We source most of our industry leading  Schneider Electric PLC programmable logic controllers, including Modicon PLC, Zelio Smart Relay PLC and Schneider HMI controllers and sensors directly from overseas suppliers, so we can competitively compete within the market. We have also invested in a good array of stock controllers and sensors that are routinely replaced, so we are able to provide a fast turnaround for most applications and service breakdowns.


In addition we have built long term relationships (over 10 years) with our local electrical suppliers throughout New Zealand for the supply of everyday electrical switch gear, cabling and accessories.

Our  Schneider  Electric  PLC  programming  and  testing platform, complete with a Schneider Modicon  M221 PLC controller,  Schneider  Zelio  SR3B261BD   and   Zelio SR3B101BD smart relays PLC's and Harmony  Magellis HMI  panels.

Modbus PLC Communication
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