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The "renegades"  mindset  is  a  way of thinking that encourages individuals to challenge the status quo, to take calculated risks, and  to think outside the box. It is a mindset that encourages creativity, innovation, problem-solving, to take ownership and to take control.

Thank you for visiting our website. We specialise in small  automation, control and monitoring projects, upgrades, prototypes builds, panel builds and more. We can offer our clients and customers a  choice  between  custom  bespoke  programming   and  generic programming  options  depending  on  their required  automation,  control and monitoring needs.   We design,  build and install complete  small scale PLC control systems  to integrate into your  existing projects, machinery or building infrastructure  so we work closely with your  own   contractors  on your project to provide automation, control and communication of your plant and  equipment.

We source most of our industry leading  Schneider Electric PLC programmable logic controllers and sensors directly from overseas suppliers, so we can competitively compete within the market. We have also invested in a good array of stock controllers and sensors that are routinely replaced, so we are able to provide a fast turnaround for most applications and service breakdowns.


In addition we have built long term relationships (over 10 years) with our local electrical suppliers throughout New Zealand for the supply of everyday electrical switch gear, cabling and accessories.


My son Caelan working on a project with me. 

Our  Schneider  Electric  PLC  programming  and  testing platform, complete with a Schneider Modicon  M221 PLC controller,  Schneider  Zelio  SR3B261BD   and   SR3B101BD smart relays PLC's and Harmony  Magellis HMI  panels.

Schneider Modicon M221 PLC controller demonstration,  controlling an electric motor remotely over the internet using a Schneider HMISTU-855 HMI and Modbus TCP/IP and serial RTU communication protocols.


Hi there, my name is Pete and i am the owner and operator of Renegade Electrics - Automation + Control Limited,  based   in the Bay of Plenty we service all of   New Zealand and beyond. We offer custom automation and control solutions for any small projects along with offering custom programmed  controllers for a variety of everyday control tasks . Please see our shop for some of the options available. 


We build small agricultural, commercial and light industrial  control panels  complete with  the PLC controller  and programming. Typically no more than 128 PLC I/O's .   We can and do provide technical support,  service repairs, breakdowns and preventative maintenance services for all products and services offered. We can offer wireless Modbus remote control options along with global networking capabilities so you can access, monitor and control your equipment  from your smart phone or tablet device from anywhere providing a world wide web internet network connection is accessible.


I started my  career in my home country, on the south coast of England, commencing a 5 year electrical apprenticeship in 1991, as a Marine Electrical Fitter for Vosper Thornycroft Controls Division UK and also studied at Highbury College of Technology for 5 consecutive years to obtain my City & Guilds (2320) in  Electrical and Electronic Engineering, City + Guilds (2391) in Electrical Testing, Inspection + Certification, Comp-EX (07/08) Hazardous Area Installation, Testing, Inspection + Certification and  also City & Guilds (2010) in Basic Engineering Competences to obtain my full electro-mechanical license status.


Originally specializing in the manufacture and installation of VCS (Versatile Control Systems) control  panels and power distribution panels  for Type 23 Destroyers and 56M Patrol Vessels for the Ministry of Defense.  It was during my electrical apprenticeship that I found three life long interests, that are all still a part of my life today and very relevant to this page.  They are:

1)  Weight training (physically it shapes the body and mentally it shapes the mind ), In 2018  started work on a second business venture, which opened on 1st Januaery 2020, my own gym  brand...Renegade Fitness (Limited).


2) 1970's-1980's Jeep Renegade's. During the mid to late 90's, after completing my electrical/mechanical apprenticeship, I built and fully customized a 1970's Renegade CJ7 jeep that I still use today.


3) Science fiction and technology.

From  1997 to 2001,  I was employed by GEA Aeromatic-Fielder, specialising in "In House"  pharmaceutical machine process control equipment, including PMA mixers and Fluid Bed Driers. All equipment was designed and built using EXD/EXE/Flameproof/Intrinsically Safe  enclosures and controls .  Work included custom control panel builds, machine/equipment assembly and wiring,  field service  repairs, maintenance and onsite installation and commissioning of new plant and the UK and in France.

From 2001  to 2009, i was employed by GEA DRB  - a specialist electrical contractor  for BP within the petroleum sector for the Hazardous Area process and control of petroleum, diesel  and LPG fuels along with testing and inspection of hazardous areas and the commercial maintenance of  all plant  machines and equipment.

In  2009 I emigrated to New Zealand, and after working for a now "defunct" commercial electrical contractor  for a couple of years, in 2012, I left to pursue my own commercial electrical contracting business. In 2017 i began to wind this business down to part time, while I pursued my other passion, fitness. The next 3 years was a juggling  process of starting my very own gym, and continuing to service a select few commercial and industrial electrical clients and contracts.


In 2020, after successfully launching  Renegade Fitness Limited, and being  a person who is primarily  purpose driven, and a  person who needs variety,  I decided to refocus on my electrical business but to specialise  solely  with what I enjoy most, automation and process control. So we  rebranded  to Renegade Electrics -Automation + Control.

We source /carry in stock most of our specialist Schneider controllers and sensors  direct from overseas suppliers so we can competitively compete within the market place to offer our customers  fast turn arounds, value for money and faster returns on investments. Please feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements with me.




Mob: 021-0298-1942


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