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Designed primarily to control the priority switching/cycling of heating loads during periods of high solar energy production if use of the energy generated is preferred over non use or feedback to a grid tied system. Base controller model provides up to four independant outputs, and up to 10 outputs are available on the larger controller. There is potential to upgrade to a further 6 outputs depending on your controller requirements.


A trigger output from the solar inverter is used to initiate the load cycling which can step forwards/backwards in a priority sequence based on time periods or loads demands from feedbacks in the field (eg an underfloor heating thermostat is calling for heat, and  a hot water tank is calling for heat - it will prioritise the H/W untill it is at temperature and then step to the undefloor heating and then cycle between the two to maintain temps using the priority logic based on feedback from the loads (via thermostats or current switches)


Incorporates auxillary control options from field devices.

Full screen HMI status of all current conditions (Text format).

230v single phase supply/inputs or 24VDC power supply/inputs. Relay outputs can be customer specific.

Solar Energy Diversion/Dumping - Zelio

  • PLC Relay Module includes custom programming.

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